Tuesday 30 July 2013

Horse Drawn Ambulance, 1910

 photo IMGP1970_zps82b9f55b.jpg

 photo IMGP1969_zps94304f4b.jpg 

 This very unusual design of ambulance, which looks like a standard horse drawn carriage, was built around 1910 by Messrs. Wilson & Stockall of Bury, Lancashire. It was in fact based on the Brougham private carriage, and appears to have been designed for transporting more well-off patients so they could be moved discretely. A patient on a stretcher would be loaded via the rear door, visible in the photographs, with one end sitting in the box underneath the driver's seat. The attendant(s) would sit alongside the stretcher. Darkened windows added to the privacy  photo IMGP1968_zpsc50e2cb4.jpg

 photo IMGP1966_zps3933fe90.jpg

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