Saturday 28 September 2013

Albone 'Ivel' Ladies Bicycle, 1901

 photo ivelcycle_zpsa9503eb6.jpg

This Albone 'Ivel' Ladies Bicycle was made in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire in 1901. It is typical of many Edwardian era cottage industry bicycle makers which would make small quantities of bicycles in local areas

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Robey Barge Steam Engine, 1918

 photo robey1_zps391f11f0.jpg 

 This steam engine is typical of many that Robey built for various uses - they were especially popular in boats, and this one, a vertical steam reciprocating engine with a 3.5 inch bore, 3 inch stroke and producing 700 revolutions per minute, was found aboard a barge in a state of decay and restored by EPL Engineering

   photo robey2_zps6d5e4863.jpg

Friday 20 September 2013

Metropolitan Electric Tramways Motor Garage, Tottenham, 1913

 photo 1913busgarage_zps9f43267f.jpg

Nice view of Tottenham Motor Garage of the Metropolitan Electric Tramways, who ran electric Trams in London from 1904 to 1933, but also ran motor omnibusses as seen here

Monday 16 September 2013

Marot Gardon Quadricycle, 1903

 photo quad1_zpsa49c54e6.jpg 

 At first glance, this motor Quadricycle made by the almost unheard of Marot Gardon looks very similar to the de Dion Bouton motor tricycle of 1899 - that's because it is essentially a four wheeled version, which makes it more substantial and also fitted with a larger engine - in fact a de Dion Bouton 2.5hp engine! Marot Gardon were a very large manufacturer of racing bicycles in Paris, France and made motor tricycles from around 1900 onwards, and later quadricycles. Vehicles like this competed with larger motor cars in competitions - in the Paris-Madrid-Paris race of 1896, at least five de Dion Bouton motor tricycles took part. This quadricycle has a top speed of around 15-20mph and would have cost around £130 when new

   photo quad2_zpsa9ef996f.jpg

 photo quad3_zps393f29df.jpg

Saturday 14 September 2013

Arrol-Johnston Dog Cart, 1901

 photo dogcart1_zpscb58c2e8.jpg

The Arrol-Johnston was a popular make of motor cars built and marketed by the Mo-Car Sydicate Ltd of Paisley, Scotland. Despite it's rather ungainly appearance the 'dog cart' was a popular model well into the 1900's. It was not until 1906 that they started to produce more convential looking vehicles that were more successful than this model. This vehicle, HX 4110, was bought from Arrol-Johnston when they went into liquidation by Richard Shuttleworth in 1931, and he drove it the 250 miles from Dumfries down to Old Warden, Bedfordshire where it is on display today

 photo dogcart2_zpsbc70ce3c.jpg

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Bagnall 0-4-0ST Saddle Tank Narrow Gauge Locomotive 2087, 1918

 photo IMGP1987_zps00ffe09a.jpg 

 Built in 1918 for the Ministry of Munitions, this small 2 foot gauge saddle tank locomotive, works number 2087, was built by WG Bagnall of Stafford, but was never delivered to them - it instead went to the Birmingham Tame & Rea Drainage Board at Water Orton. It is typical of a contractor's narrow gauge locomotive of the early 20th century (indeed this design dates back to the late 19th century), and this type are known as 'Quarry Bagnalls', as that is where most of this type, and indeed small, saddle tank narrow gauge locomotives of this era, were used. It was named 'Leonard' at some point in it's life, but it is not known when it was named. It is now in working order at the Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester  photo IMGP1986_zpsb47ddfd0.jpg

 photo IMGP1988_zpsbaf795e8.jpg

Saturday 7 September 2013

Brush Llungstrom Turbine, 1914

 photo IMGP1962_zpsadef4593.jpg 

 Designed by a Swedish engineer by the name of Llungstrom, this revolutionary electrical generator was built by Brush of Loughborough, Leicestershire in 1914. The turbine works by steam being injected onto a series of turbine blades inside the centre of the turbine - the blades, turned by the steam, turn two generators which then produce electricity for public usage. The turbine was in use at Loughborough Power Station until 1990, and is now on outdoor display at the Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester

   photo IMGP1963_zps77633177.jpg