Friday 22 March 2013

London & North Western Railway Poster, 1910


London & North Western Railway and Caledonian Railway poster dating from 1910 advertising services to Scotland. A reproduction of the poster can be bought from -

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Parts of Edwardian electric locomotive found in pub garden

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates recently, work and real life have got in the way but hope to get back up to speed soon - i've certainly got plenty of material!

Image - BBC

This post was sparked by a news article yesterday of the interesting discovery of cab sides from a 1904 electric locomotive found in a pub garden in Choppington, in north east England. The locomotive was North Eastern Railway number 2, an ES1 (Electric Shunting 1) BO-BO class electric locomotive built in 1904 for use on the Newcastle Quayside branch between Trafalgar Yard and the Quayside itself. Number 1 was preserved and has been covered on the blog here, with photos here;

The identical No 2 was the subject of an attempted preservation after they were withdrawn in 1964 but unfortunately this failed, and was scrapped at the aptly named Choppington. The discovery of these panels is an amazing find, and there are photos here;

Hopefully they will go to a good home, and nice to know that a bit of No 2 lives on. According to a post on the LNER Forum, the other cab side with NER crest was at a model railway club, but i'm unsure of it's present location

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Fiat 35-40hp Car (Lambert & Butler Motors 11 of 25)


This is 11 of 25 in the Lambert & Butler Motors Series of Cigarette Cards issued in 1908. From the back of the card;

"The illustration represents an up-to-date 35-40hp Fiat Car, fitted with standard Roi des Belges side-entrance body, folding glass wind sreen, and double extension Cape cart hood. Among the Royal owners of Fiats, are the Kings of Spain, Italy, and the late King of Portugal, while the German Emperor owns a whole fleet of them"