Saturday, 14 September 2013

Arrol-Johnston Dog Cart, 1901

 photo dogcart1_zpscb58c2e8.jpg

The Arrol-Johnston was a popular make of motor cars built and marketed by the Mo-Car Sydicate Ltd of Paisley, Scotland. Despite it's rather ungainly appearance the 'dog cart' was a popular model well into the 1900's. It was not until 1906 that they started to produce more convential looking vehicles that were more successful than this model. This vehicle, HX 4110, was bought from Arrol-Johnston when they went into liquidation by Richard Shuttleworth in 1931, and he drove it the 250 miles from Dumfries down to Old Warden, Bedfordshire where it is on display today

 photo dogcart2_zpsbc70ce3c.jpg

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