Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Siemens Electric Locomotive E2, 1909

 photo DSCF9972_zps481d9ae7.jpg

Those who are frequent visitors to the blog may think this locomotive looks very similar to another Edwardian electric locomotive that has featured before - that's because it's very similar to Siemens E10 of 1913, featured here - . Both were supplied to the Harton Coal Company who operated electric locomotives from the Edwardian era up until the 1980's when they stopped operating. This is locomotive E2, and apart from being built in 1909 is otherwise identical or nearly identical to previously featured E10 of 1913. E2 is located at Beamish Open Air Museum and is on static display outside near the Tram depot, somewhat tucked away but being located next to a giant steam excavator makes it easy to find for those that wish to. Another Harton electric locomotive is the very different looking AEG built E9, featured here - photo DSCF9971_zps6b5161af.jpg  photo DSCF9973_zpsf9e32581.jpg

 photo DSCF9974_zps794af5f2.jpg

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