Friday, 5 July 2013

Taskers B2 'Little Giant' Steam Road Tractor, 1917

 photo tasker1917a_zpsbf8a25d6.jpg

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This is Taskers B2 'Little Giant' steam road tractor 'Blossom', works number 1726 and registration SR 1294, built by Tasker and Sons of Andover, Hampshire in 1917. The B2 steam road tractors, smaller than most traction engines and designed for road haulage. They were a 'light' engine developing five nominal horsepower, first introduced in 1902 and eventually over three hundred of the 'Little Giant' type were built, so it was a popular design. 'Blossom' is fitted with thick solid rubber tyres over the metal wheels for use on roads, and is one of two 'Little Giant' Taskers tractors on display at the Milestones Museum, Basingstoke 

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