Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hispano Suiza 8-10hp Type 24 Car, 1918

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 This is a Hispano Suiza Type 24, built in 1918 but built to a 1914 design, one of three new designs unveiled in 1914 by HIspano Suiza. In 1914, the Type 24, fitted with an 8-10hp sidevalve engine, sold for £320 for just the chassis including engine, wheels etc in 1914, with the bodywork extra, the model remaining in production until 1922. The serial for the engine on this Type 24 dates to February 1918, although the radiator badge design is typically pre-1915 so exterior wise seems to more match a 1914 model. There is little information on the history of this car, except that it had been on display at the Slot Veteran Museum Park in Kvaerndrup, Denmark, before being imported to the UK in 2007. It is believed to be the only Type 24 in the UK, and one of only ten Hispano-Suizas from the Edwardian era in the UK.

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