Thursday 1 August 2013

Taskers B2 'Little Giant' Steam Road Tractor, 1914

 photo 1914taskera_zps9cf57e92.jpg

 photo 1914taskere_zps1801455b.jpg

Built to the same design as 'Blossom' of 1917, featured on this blog last month, this is a Tasker and Sons of Andover B2 'Little Giant' steam road tractor, a small traction engine design built for road haulage. This one is works number 1599 of 1914, registered AA5296 and developing five nominal horsepower. This one is shown in a timber yard scene, where it could be used to power the saws used to cut the wood and also haul it to customers or a railway yard for onward transportation on trailers. Like 'Blossom', it is on display at the Milestones Museum, Basingstoke

   photo 1914taskerd_zpsbcf19b2d.jpg

 photo 1914taskerb_zpsa81a9e22.jpg

 photo 1914taskerc_zpsb1420bbe.jpg

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