Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rover 12hp Coupe, 1915


The two seat coupe styled body, as fitted to this 1915 built Rover 12hp, was often known as a 'Doctor's Coupe', owing to it's popularity with Doctors or other wealthy professionals who would use such a car in the course of their duties. Such professionals even included men of religion - this quote from a Bishop in the 1915 Rover sales brochure describes a Rover 12hp;


'Dear Sir,

I think you will like to know that the 12hp car has been a spendid success
here. It's running has been wonderfully smooth and flexible, while there has not
been the slightest difficulty on the hills, some of which have been 1 in 5 in
places (say Buttermere Hawse). I am more than fully satisfied with my purchase,
and it has been greatly admired.

The Bishop of.....' (location not given)


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