Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Leon Peugeot Voituerette Racer, 1909

This unusual looking vehicle with it's high, narrow radiator and distinctive noisy engine was seen at the Edwardian Race at the VSCC Mallory Park Race Meeting in August 2011. It's a regular attendee at this annual race, and as it's a handicap race, actually won this year, putting in a very spirited performance (the first time I saw it, in around 2005, it broke down on one of the first laps). Driving back home later in the day, I passed it coming the other way, the driver with his head looking out of the side along the body of the Peugeot for better visibility - not often you see an Edwardian racer on the road, and a big well done to the driver.

You may be surprised to see it's made by such a well known manufacturer, however there were two Peugeot brothers who both made cars, Leon Peugeot making smaller Voiturettes similar to this one whilst the other Peugeot brother made larger, more 'normal' cars, however they joined forces before the First World War.

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