Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fat Man on a Bicycle, 1914

Uploaded by the British Film Institute to Youtube, the description is as follows;

This short film - also known as 'W-H-O-R-K a la Pimple' - follows the
pattern of previous entries featuring Fred Evans' 'Pimple' character, with a
simple set-up (in this case, Pimple teaching a fat man how to ride a bike)
followed by a series of incidents in which they crash into innocent bystanders
and tradespeople before they are stopped and retribution is exacted. This
usually involves some kind of physical punishment, much in the way of comic
strip characters being whacked for some misdemeanour.

The deliberate misspelling of W-H-ORK, with the extra 'h', is a feature that crops up in Pimple films occasionally, although the reason is obscure. (Bryony Dixon)

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