Friday 7 June 2013

Horse-drawn Stick-back Undercut Gig, c1900

 photo 1900gigb_zps927d9dde.jpg

Built by Joice of Basingstoke circa 1900, this is a stick-back undercut gig, built for personal transportation built at Joice's workshops in Winchester Street, Basingstoke. It would have been drawn by a single horse and a very common sight for personal transport in Edwardian England

 photo 1900giga_zpsea5db7a7.jpg


  1. Lovely vehicle. How far does the patent leather cover the shafts? I am restoring a similar gig and am unsure how much patent to use to sheath the shafts.

    1. I'm afraid I don't know - i'll have a look through my other photos of this vehicle and see if I have any that show this

    2. The photos I have are fairly blurred but should be able to help - if you let me know your e-mail I can send them over