Saturday 1 June 2013

Thornycroft X Type Motor Lorry, 1918

 photo 1918thornycroftxa_zps1cff8853.jpg 

 This motor lorry built by Thornycroft of Basingstoke in 1918 was purchased shortly after the end of the First World War by a fruit farmer, who grew damsons for jam making. The Thornycroft X Type was a three ton capacity lorry, part of the Thornycroft range that were produced post-WW1 but were actually pre-1918 designs. At the end of the First World War, vast quantities of motor vehicles were available very cheap second-hand from the military, and combined with technologies developed during the war making motor lorries a lot more reliable, the popularity of motor commercial vehicles took off even quicker post-WW1. There is a superb page with driving experiences of this vehicle here -

 photo 1918thornycroftxb_zps4a7cb374.jpg

 photo 1918thornycroftxc_zpsaeedb58d.jpg

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