Friday, 24 May 2013

Taskers General Purpose Steam Traction Engine, 1905

 photo 1905taskera_zpse1ec2fe9.jpg

 photo 1905taskerd_zps725d6e87.jpg

This 7hp single cylinder, two speed steam traction engine was built by Tasker and Sons (also known as Taskers) of Andover, Hampshire in 1905. It is a typical steam traction engine, and the type most seen on farms - as well as able to haul equipment, trailers etc, as the name implies it is 'general purpose' so equally at home powering equipment, used as a portable steam engine, powering threshing machines, mills and other farm equipment.

 photo 1905taskerb_zpsd4afae89.jpg

 photo 1905taskerc_zps2274aced.jpg

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