Monday 13 May 2013

Gyro-car, 1907

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 Designed and built by Louis Brennan in 1907, this gyro-car model was one of quite a few attempts to have a two wheeled self-stabilising vehicle, using spinning fly-wheels to keep it stabilised (this is a very basic explanation of gyrostats). The gyro-car ran on a single rail, the idea being that this would be easier to build than a traditional railway in remote areas and mountainous areas. Weight distribution was not a problem, nor was having it pushed to try and topple it over. Two full size prototypes were ran and exhibited to the public in 1910, and was later demonstrated to the War Department, as per the markings on the original model, now in the National Railway Museums' stores, which are open to the public, at York

   photo DSCF2257_zpscc226158.jpg

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