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North Eastern Railway Electric Locomotive No 1, 1904 - Part 2

The earliest main line electric locomotive to run in the UK, North Eastern Railway bo-bo Electric No 1, built for use on the Newcastle Quayside branch where it and identical No 2 served for almost sixty years, is now in preservation as part of the National Collection owing to it's importance in railway history. It has been covered before on the blog here;

However I was able to take these photographs inside the locomotive, with thanks to to Anthony Coulls at the National Railway MuseumThe end with the control panel of switches running down the centre of the cab windows is 'A' end. If anyone would like larger copies of any of these please let me know and i'll e-mail them over. It struck me how similar the controls are to that of a Tram of the period.

From what i've read, the location of the controls changed since it was first built - I have no definite date for this but presume it was when the ES1s were changed from the large bow pick-up mounted on a wooden beam half way across one of the bonnets to the roof mounted pantograph before they entered service in 1905.

 photo DSCF0412_zpsea8499f3.jpg

A end is the front, which is also the unobstructed front of the locomotive as viewed in the museum, this is the left hand side looking forwards

 photo DSCF0409_zpsda295e34.jpg

B end

 photo DSCF0410_zpsfb380fdc.jpg

A end

 photo DSCF0384_zps7359d824.jpg

 photo DSCF0386_zpsfa37fc94.jpg

The electrical resistances in one of the noses - the interior of the other nose is identical. The two vertical cylinders at the end are the sandboxes, filled from the two noticeable circular lids on each nose

 photo DSCF0388_zpsa4809ef2.jpg

B end controls

 photo DSCF0389_zps34d22a09.jpg

 photo DSCF0390_zpscbbbf61f.jpg

 photo DSCF0392_zps0f445f87.jpg 

Control panel on A end - for example in this position, the pantograph or 'trolley' is lowered, so the locomotive is not getting it's power (current) from overhead wires, and is being powered from the third electrified rail from the shoes mounted on the locomotive's wheeled bogies, which it would do during the tunnel linking Trafalgar Yard near Manors Station and the Newcastle Quayside. It would also use the third rail to transit back to it's shed

   photo DSCF0396_zps8d5fc5c0.jpg

Inside the box for B end on the control panel

 photo DSCF0397_zpsd61aae58.jpg

 photo DSCF0398_zpsc1e96a0c.jpg

 photo DSCF0400_zps2876a83f.jpg  photo DSCF0404_zps6394ee11.jpg

The handle for the pantograph - this is in the 'down' position

 photo DSCF0405_zpsb09547d0.jpg

Interior of the box between the cab windows at B end

 photo DSCF0407_zps6839f498.jpg

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