Sunday, 5 August 2012

The famous 200hp DARRACQ - THE FASTEST CAR ON EARTH (Lambert & Butler Motors, 4 of 25)


This is 4 of 25 in the Lambert & Butler Motors Series of Cigarette Cards, issued in 1908, showing the 1905 Darracq 200hp which broke the land speed record in the year it was built. From the back of the card;

 "Some recent successes - 2 miles in 58.4/5 seconds, equal to 122.5 miles an hour. Florida Beach, Jan., 1907. Florida, Ostend, Dourdan, Scheveningen, Blackpool, &c. 15 Races = 15 Firsts and 7 World's Records. Gaillon Hill Climb - Flying kilometre up gradient of 1 in 10, in 25 secs. ; equal to 90 miles an hour. This remarkable car has never been beaten"
This amazing car survives today and can be seen at Vintage Sports Car Club events, although i'm yet to be at the same event as this Darracq

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