Sunday 6 October 2013

Fowler D2 Class Steam Roller 'Lord Kitchener', 1901

 photo 1901kitchenerb_zpsd7af008f.jpg

 photo 1901kitchenerf_zps09b6927a.jpg

 photo 1901kitchenera_zps0a4740b8.jpg

Built by Fowler of Leeds in 1901, this is D2 Class single cylinder, 12 ton steam roller, works number 9005 and named 'Lord Kitchener', registered on the roads as HR 3582. It was supplied new to W Rawlings & Sons who used it until the 1950s.

 photo 1901kitchenerf2_zps2ffe43bb.jpg

 photo 1901kitchenere_zpsa3b6c253.jpg


  1. I think you will find that this engine is actually WR 6554 No.8889 Dreadnought. It was mislabelled in the GDSF programme.

    1. It is HR3582. The number WR6554 was only put on the forks as a personal joke when it appeared at the GDSF.