Monday, 14 October 2013

Morris Oxford, 1913

 photo morris1_zps3afc05d6.jpg

This very pleasant little motor car, which was developed into what is popularly known as the 'Bullnose Morris', was built as the Morris Oxford, first produced in 1912 by William R Morris of Oxford (who later became Lord Nuffield). He wanted to copy Henry Ford and his famous Model T and produce a vehicle affordable for the average man on the street - to help keep costs down, the early models had the engine, clutch and gearbox built as one unit by White and Poppe. The design first appeared to the public at the Manchester Show of 1913 and was remarked upon for it's many attributes and design features more commonly associated with larger, and more expensive, cars - it was an immediate success, and over a thousand had been sold by the end of 1914. This two-seat Tourer is fitted with a 10hp, 1 litre engine, with a top speed of 55mph and a price when new of £180 

 photo morris2_zps97b5d028.jpg

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