Monday, 16 September 2013

Marot Gardon Quadricycle, 1903

 photo quad1_zpsa49c54e6.jpg 

 At first glance, this motor Quadricycle made by the almost unheard of Marot Gardon looks very similar to the de Dion Bouton motor tricycle of 1899 - that's because it is essentially a four wheeled version, which makes it more substantial and also fitted with a larger engine - in fact a de Dion Bouton 2.5hp engine! Marot Gardon were a very large manufacturer of racing bicycles in Paris, France and made motor tricycles from around 1900 onwards, and later quadricycles. Vehicles like this competed with larger motor cars in competitions - in the Paris-Madrid-Paris race of 1896, at least five de Dion Bouton motor tricycles took part. This quadricycle has a top speed of around 15-20mph and would have cost around £130 when new

   photo quad2_zpsa9ef996f.jpg

 photo quad3_zps393f29df.jpg

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