Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Watch 'Tilly the Tomboy Visits the Poor', 1910

Around 20 of the 'Tilly' series of comedy films were made by Cecil Hepworth between 1910 and 1915, starring Tilly (Chrissie White) and Sally (Alma Taylor), who went on to become film stars in the 1920's. The first episode shows Tilly and Sally being sent to look after a poor old woman, but instead abuse her, then cause a man with a ladder and a man carrying what look like barrels to knock each other over, then steal a motor laundry van (it looks like a Maudslay) and then create havoc in a bakehouse with an ever growing crowd of people chasing them. Tilly and Sally then go back to the old woman's house and look after her - when the angry crowd catch up with them, they pretend they've been there all along, and finally appear to look after the woman

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