Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Garrett 6 ton Steam Roller 'The Kings Own', 1910

 photo 1910garretta_zps8003bcff.jpg

 photo 1910garrettc_zps17e1e28e.jpg

This is Garrett works number 28273, a 3NHP six ton steam roller, registration BF 5505 of 1910. It was built as a standard roller for Garrett's, who would keep it in stock until one was ordered, but this was changed to fill a contract for A Henninger & Co of Darmstadt Germany, who specified that the name of the company was cast into the roller hubs and valve chest cover, as shown here. It left the Garrett works in Leiston, Suffolk on 26th March 1910. After the First World War it moved to Belgium and worked there until retirement in 1971. It was returned to the UK after a Belgian museum closed down which it was held in, and was named 'The Kings Own' in memory of the owners Grandfather who served with 'The Kings Own' - the Royal Lancaster Regiment - in the First World War. The sister engine to this one is still in Belgium and is in working condition

 photo 1910garrettb_zps48f8fda6.jpg

 photo 1910garrettd_zps84837e65.jpg

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