Sunday, 14 April 2013

Prometheus Electric Iron, 1915

 photo IMGP1310_zpsab12cef9.jpg 

 This is a very early electric iron (although the first one was patented in 1881, but seemed pretty lethal - see here for one ), produced by the Prometheus Electric Company of New York, USA. Electric irons are a domestic item that today we take for granted, but would have been very novel - and also expensive - in the Edwardian era. Owing to their expense, they were often hired out by companies - this one has 'THIS APPARATUS IS THE PROPERTY OF THE NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COY LTD' stamped on a metal plate affixed inside the handle. Apart from the initial expense of the item, another issue with using an electric iron is where to plug it in - no wall plugs in those days! The answer was to plug it in an electric light socket, as illustrated here with the socket for the iron on the left. It is now illegal to do this, although i'd struggle to think of why you'd want to! An interesting piece of Edwardian technology not often seen, and although perhaps not as interesting as an electric locomotive or big motor car, is probably more influential in the development of our domestic lives

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