Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pickford Delivery Van vs German Cavalry, 1914


An interesting event from early in the First World War depicted on a postcard in my collection. From the back;

 The sketch depicts an incident of the recent fighting, in which one of Pickfords' familiar motor vans figured prominently, and creditably also, thanks to the pluck of the driver and the armed escort. A small British convoy was on its way to the troops at the front at night, when a party of Uhlans, appearing suddenly, blocked the road and demanded surrender. The driver of the leading van at once put on speed and drove slap into the midst of the enemy while his armed escort stood up and made devastating use of his rifle against the German lancers. The latter, surprised by the motors' sudden assault, and placed at a disadvantage by the panic of the horses, afforded easy targets at close range, and in a few moments bolted from the scene. The convoy reached its destination without further molestation. (Drawn by Lionel Edwards, under the supervision of an Officer lately returned from the front.)

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