Thursday, 11 July 2013

London & South Western Railway Lavatory Brake Third Carriage 1520, 1910

 photo DSCF8150_zpsb8490d62.jpg

 photo DSCF8145_zps58ddb52a.jpg

This 1910 built carriage was originally part of four-carriage Set 63 for use on the London & South Western Railway for services from London Waterloo down the main line to the south-west coast of England. Brake carriages had a small area at the rear for the guard, brake and space for luggage, however the luggage area on this carriage occupied half of the entire length of the vehicle, as so much luggage was taken on holiday by Edwardian families! There were two of these carriages in one train, so effectively the train consisted of three carriages worth of passenger space and one entire carriage worth of space for their luggage - and even then there would often be an extra luggage van attached to the train. Destinations typically included Bournemouth, Portsmouth and north Devon. After entering preservation it was restored by the Bluebell Railway and relaunched into service in 2010, in its very colourful original LSWR paint scheme, seen here  photo DSCF8146_zps26c0bc31.jpg

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 photo DSCF8146_zps26c0bc31.jpg

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